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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A Denver middle school is planning a campus tour for prospective students and their families. With an expected attendance of 200 people, they will need a fleet of 4 buses to accommodate the group. The trip will take approximately 4 hours, including pickup from a central location, transportation between campus buildings, and drop-off. Based on the distance and duration, the school can expect to pay around $800 per bus for a total cost of $3,200. Additional fees may apply for parking permits or tolls along the route.

Example #2:

A major tech company in Denver, Colorado needed transportation for their sales team to attend an important three-day corporate event. With 60 employees requiring a bus rental, they decided on a full-sized charter bus that could comfortably seat everyone along with their luggage and equipment. The trip from their Denver office to the convention center in downtown spanned about 20 miles. To accommodate the team’s schedule, they requested the bus for all three days to shuttle employees between their hotel and the event venue. Given the multi-day rental, proximity of the locations, and number of passengers, their total charter bus quote came out to $4,800 for the full three-day period.

Example #3:

A high school football team from Denver, Colorado booked a charter bus rental for their trip to the state playoffs in Colorado Springs. The team, consisting of 35 players, 6 coaches, and 2 staff members, required a full-size charter bus to transport them all comfortably. To accommodate their luggage and equipment, a 56-passenger bus was chosen. The team’s itinerary included a 90-minute drive to Colorado Springs, a 4-hour stay for the playoff game, and the return trip to Denver. Based on the round-trip distance of approximately 200 miles and the duration of 6-7 hours, the charter bus company quoted $1,800 for the rental. This price included the bus, team, and all associated travel costs. To ensure a comfortable journey, the team opted for a bus with amenities like a restroom, WiFi, and TV monitors, which added an additional $200 to the total cost. The final price for the Denver high school football team’s charter bus rental to the state playoffs was $2,000.

Example #4:

A Denver nonprofit organization was planning an all-day trip for 50 volunteers to the Rocky Mountain National Park. They booked a charter bus rental to pick up the volunteers from the organization’s office at 7 AM and transport them to the park, about 65 miles away. The bus would remain at the park throughout the day, providing transportation between different trail locations. At the end of the volunteer activities around 5 PM, the bus would make the return trip to drop everyone off back at the office. With the total travel distance of 130 miles, a full day’s rental was required. The nonprofit paid a higher premium for renting the bus during peak season in the summer. However, by reserving the bus well in advance, they were able to secure a slight discount.

Example #5:

A bride-to-be in Denver, Colorado recently called to reserve transportation for her wedding party. To get from their hotel to the ceremony and reception venues, they required a 30-passenger minibus for 8 hours. This rental came with a flat rate for the day that was higher than average due to the busy June wedding season. After taxes and fees, the total cost was around $900. The bride was pleased to find out minibuses have lower rates than full-size charter buses, helping her save money while still accommodating her entire wedding party comfortably. With plenty of luggage space for dresses, suits, and decorations, the minibus was the perfect choice!

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